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Plantation Hotels Sawgrass/Walmart Transfer

$10 RoundTrip per person. 
ign up by 8pm previous day.   Same day service available based on availability

10:00am Hampton Inn Plantation

10:15am Residence Inn Plantation

10:30am Sheraton Suites Plantation

10:45am Holiday Inn Plantation

11:15am Sawgrass Mills Mall

11:25am Drop off Walmart


8:00pm Leave Sawgrass

8:15pm Leave Walmart

8:45pm Holiday Inn Plantation

9:00pm Sheraton Suites Plantation

9:20pm Residence Inn Plantation

9:35pm Hampton Inn Plantation

This service currently suspended as of January 17th, 2024.  

It is under review by our company.

Any questions, please call/text/whatsapp 954 546 0204 or email

Paying by Credit card Please,

    put Hotel name in "Address"  field

    put Date you want to go in "City" Field

You can also pay via:


For either above, please put Your Name, Hotel name, date you want to book for and the number of persons, in the memo field

Call/Text/Whatsapp 954 546 0204

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